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Heating Elements

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Valad Electric manufactures a large range of custom built heating elements. Our flexible production techniques allow you to order a variety of combinations and types.

Valad’s capabilities and stock allow for tailor made operations to suit your individual needs.

Valad uses only the finest grade nichrome resistance wire, stainless steel, cold rolled steel, brass, mica and refractory for the most efficient heat transfer.  All of our heating elements come engraved with the part number, volts, wattage, date and our Valad Electric logo.

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Suggested Applications

BA Band Heating Element Pipes
CA Cartridge Heating Element Forming/Hot Stamping
CE Ceramic Heating Element Hot Pots
CI Cast-in-Aluminum Heating Element Engine Pre-Heaters
CIF 208 100-2000 W Cast Aluminum Finned Element Humidity & Ovens
CIF 201 100-1500 W Cast Aluminum Finned Element Humidity & Ovens
FL Flat Strip Heating Element with Leads Hot Stamping/Printing
FSTS Flat Strip Heating Element with Studs Hot Stamping/Printing
FO Flat Oval Element Pre-Heating Steel
FOF Flat Oval Finned Element Air or Oven
IM Immersion Heating Element Liquids
MI MICA Heating Element Custom-Irons
OC Open Coil Heating Element Air
OCO Open Coil Oven Heating Element Oven Applications
RI Ring Heating Element Custom
TU Tubular Heating Element Ranges
FLEX Flexible Heating Element      Freeze protection on valves and pipes
  Results 1 - 17 of 17 1 
Valad Electric Heating Corp | A Valid Choice