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Forced Air Heaters

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Valad's Forced Air Heaters are manufactured from the highest quality materials and meet all military, marine and industrial specifications.

Cabinet: 304 Stainless Steel.

Heating Element: Stainless steel flat oval tubular design. Finns are furnace blazed to sheath. Element is hermetically sealed. Cast aluminum elements are used on some models.

Electrical Specifications: Units are manufactured to guide lines of USCG, IEEE45, UL, ETL, Navy, Army, Air Force and Marine Corp. standards; as well as custom applications.

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HABOC HAB OC Hot Air Blower/Open coil (AC) 110-240 VAC 853-3412 Btu 0.25-1.0 kW 1 PH 131 9 lb
  Results 26 - 26 of 26 1 2 
Valad Electric Heating Corp | A Valid Choice