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Industrial Hot Plates / Warming Plates

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Designed for pre-heating, reflow and any process that requires heating of an object under uniform  and controlled temperature conditions.  These Hot Plates are rated for heavy loads (all hot plates rated for minimum of 150lbs) and industrial conditions. These hot plates are NON-HAZARDOUS location hot plates.

Unit Construction: All units are manufactured in 304 Stainless Steel for ease of cleaning and to meet sanitary codes.

Electrical Specifications: Units are manufactured IEEE45 and ANSI ETL UL/499, including custom applications.

  • Valad’s hot plates are designed to be used in adverse environments.
  • Units Include:
    • Replaceable Stainless Steel magnesium filled flat oval heating elements
    • 1/2" aluminum (leveled finish) top plates provide uniform heat transfer
    • All hot plates are provided with a 6 foot heavy duty cord and plug
    • The adjustable operating thermostat has a range from 100 to 550 deg F (Up to 750 deg F Available)
    • Cabinet: 304 Stainless Steel with mounting legs
    • Stainless Steel top available.
  • The wide range of sizes gives you maximum choice. These Hot Plates have various uses from lithograph to heating cosmetics to semiconductor manufacturing. Applications are extremely diversified. They are available in Sizes 6'' x 6'' thru 48'' x 72''. Custom sizes are also available.

    Valad assumes no liability for loss, damage or personnel injury due to the high temperatures produced by hot plates.

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Top Plate

HP27.5X36-24.0-1 27.5 X 36 100 to 550 ºF 220/240 VAC 4 kW 1 1/2'' Aluminum
HP36X36-11.5-1 36 X 36 100 to 550 ºF 110/120 VAC 1.5 kW 1 1/2'' Aluminum
HP36X36-24.0-1 36 X 36 100 to 550 ºF 220/240 VAC 4 kW 1 1/2'' Aluminum
HP36X36-26.0-1 36 X 36 100 to 550 ºF 220/240 VAC 6 kW 1 1/2'' Aluminum
  Results 26 - 29 of 29 1 2 
Valad Electric Heating Corp | A Valid Choice