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Electric Heating Galley Equipment

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Food Warming Ovens

Valad’s Galley Equipment is manufactured from the highest quality materials and meet many military and marine specifications. All units are for military and government use only.

Unit Construction: All units are manufactured in stainless steel for ease of cleaning and to meet sanitary codes.

Electrical Specifications: Units are manufactured to USCG IEEE45, NSF, Navy, Army, Air Force and Marine Corps standards, including custom applications.

Valad manufactures 3, 6, 7, & 12 meal ovens (60 Hz & 400 Hz). Ships, aircraft, kitchens, portable shelters, military installations, Offshore oil rigs and hydrofoils.
Valad’s Food Warming Ovens cook frozen TV dinners in 22 minutes and can cook many other foods.
Hot Cup Brackets

Hot Cup Brackets

I/A/W mil-B-75258

This is used with the Hot Cup, when a more permanent application is required.
Single and Double AC & DC Hot Plates - Coffee Maker

Single and Double AC & DC Hot Plate - Coffee Maker

I/A/W mil -spec W-H-640

Valad’s Coffee Maker Hot Plate has a wide variety of uses. It has additional applications, such as ships, tugs, homes, planes, etc.
Valad Electric Heating Corp | A Valid Choice